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I have been reviewing and writing about e cigarettes for over 5 years now. I often say that e cigarettes saved my life. I tried lots of different alternatives to smoking before I found e cigarettes and NOTHING worked for me....That is until I found E cigarettes. I have tried lots of different e cig brands and I did buy njoy e cigarettes so I could test them and see how njoy e cigarettes compares to other brands

If you are new to electronic cigarettes and are thinking about buying e cigarettes this is a great video that will help you understand how e cigarettes work & will help you make an educated decision.

Do you want to buy njoy cigarettes If so, you are going to want to read the biggest mistakes people who buy e cigarettes make.

Here are the BIGGEST MISTAKES they make

  • If you buy a lower class e cigarette chances are it wont be made well and could only last one or two months. Some of the cheaper e cigarette brands use in actual fact reduced quality parts and as a consequence they can be very insecure. They are usually sold at gas stations and at mall kiosks.
  • The E cigarettes sold in gas stations are usually the lowest class e cigarettes on the market. If you pay money for an e cigarette in a gas station you are making a HUGE error.
  • If you buy a brand that is unproven and had not been ranked by customers in independent tests you are making a immense mistake. just purchase of good reputation e cigarette brands
  • Paying for the cheapest E cigarette on the market against shopping around, comparing deals, and picking a e cigarette that is made well and priced right.
  • If you get e cigarettes in a store you will approximately always pay 23-28% extra than if you buy e cigarettes online. You can get a much superior deal by shopping for e cigarettes online that you ever will in a store

I have been writing about and reviewing e cigarettes for over five years now. Here are a few e cigarette brands that sell high quality e cigarettes for a great price

Here is another great video that shows a group of doctors talking about e cigarettes

I suggest you watch the videos on this site to learn more about e cigarettes. But I have also included this article about E cigarettes that will help you understand how they work and what you need to know before you buy e cigarettes:

Electronic Cigarettes: What Everyone Wants to Know

Electronic cigarettes have been an overall revolution in the past few years. As they've become commonly readily available, people are recognizing that they have no tar, no ash, no smell. Plus, you can smoke anywhere. However, we've been wisely programmed to distrust anything that seems too good to be true. Are the benefits of electronic cigarettes real? What's the catch? We find out today.

Before I buy njoy e cigarettes I was pondering, do njoy e cigs smell? Most electronic cigarette companies will tell you that their products have no smell. E-cig users are basically inhaling vapor, however ... and yes, pretty much every substance in the world, especially organic substances like nicotine, have a odor. Nevertheless, the faint odor that you'll find arriving from electronic smoking is similar to a residual scent of aftershave, perfume, cotton candy, a dry ice fog machine, etc. A very fine brand of e cigarette is Njoy cigarette which smells much better compared to many other brands.

Before I buy njoy electronic cigarettes I was wondering if e cigs really work?

Yes. However, they are not exactly the same as smoking! E-cigs deliver nicotine in a mist or vapor. So while you still get the nicotine fix, there is a myriad of other chemicals in cigarettes that your body has become accustomed to. There will still be a slight adjustment period when switching to e-cigs ... but you can easily pull yourself through it with the positive thoughts of how much money you'll save, and your decreased cancer risk. In this case njoy e cigarette can guarantee you real quality.

Before I buy njoy electronic cigarettes I was wondering if njoy e cigs are safe?

Nobody can truthfully say that electronic cigarettes are safe yet. The FDA isn't concerned enough to halt sales within the US, although it isn't allowing imported e-cigs into the country. Nicotine gum and lozenges also have the potential to increase your risk of developing cancer, but on nowhere near the same level as actually smoking. Use the electronic cigarettes in a stepping-stone manner, to help you gently quit, and there is no question that they are a fantastic tool ... and far safer than simply continuing to smoke because the negative effects of quitting are too overwhelming. Not all brands e cigarette is safe but njoy e cigarette brand can ensure you safety.

Before I buy njoy smokeless cigarettes I was wondering if they stain your teeth?

No! Most inhaler cartridges are 99% water. It is the tar in cigarettes that stains your pearly whites; this is one drawback of smoking that you'll be scolding to the curb forever. Njoy e cigarette ensures to stain teeth.

Before I buy njoy electronic cigarettes I was wondering if njoy e cigs hurt your lungs?

In 'puff to puff' terms, e-cigs do not hurt your lungs. In health terms, it hasn't yet been confirmed that e-cigs do not 'harm' your lungs. In a German medical study, Dr. Vayer said, "Aside from nicotine, the 'electrical cigarette' is toxicologically harmless."

Buy dont take my word for it.....Here is a link to the FDA's website where you can find more information about what the FDA has said about e cigarettes..

Can I create my own electronic cigarette liquid?

Yes - this is another great advantage of electronic cigarette use. However, you need to be sure that any materials you use are safe to inhale the vapors from - buy from a registered e-cigarette dealer to assure your self of this.

Do electronic cigarettes really help you stop smoking? They might. There are numerous aspects that feed into whether an electronic cigarette can gradually help you quit, like your degree of addiction to the tar and other chemical substances that come from tobacco combustion etc.

Do electronic cigarettes motivate children to smoke? Reliable e-cig distributors will not supply to minors. It is true that e-cigs have a variety of flavors available...but so do nicotine lozenges, and vodka drinks .

Electronic cigarettes are quite new, and there has been little research on either their health or emotional effects and one must be careful about selecting excellent brands and in this case njoy e cigarette can really live up to your requirement. However, you'll find very few dissatisfied users ... most say that they are now spending less on their 'smoking' than ever, can comfortably smoke inside even with

By Amy Blackson

Here is another great video that shows a recent news story about e cigarettes